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A personal journey through the Economic Power and his influence on men lifes

They Took Me Up After Dawn

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So what is this thing called market? Is it really a reflection of reality? Or is the other way round? How can we live with such system based on the exploitation of other human beings and natural resources? There is no other way to live without having benefits from the suffers and lacks of someone else? How those people working inside of the financial world feel about it? Are they really driven by greed? Maybe things are little bit more complicated than that. Maybe the answer lay in some primordial fear inside of us. Are those fears inside me too? I really can’t understand.

The picture here are took inside a trading office in Nariman Point, but none of those questions are personally related to the place i visit but to the economic systems as it is.



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August 25, 2009 at 7:56 pm

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I Start the Root Canal

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I’m kinda starting to understand all this chaos around me, how those people lives, beyond all the bad smell and all the concrete dodgy building besides amazing colonial houses. All the people who works in the financial district, always busy running from a building to a cub or a bus stop, always and I said always speaking at their mobile, completely swallowed in their job.The dignity of all those people who works in the street as artisans or merchants, but always uncomfortable looking at beggars in every crossroads, but probably if they stay here in Mumbai instead of coming back to their vllages, probably they got a better life here.
The photographs here are made in Nariman Point, the new financial district of Mumbai.
I always feel scared in a place where a lot of money come and go.
I don’t know if I’m satisfied, personally I think I still got more to learn about the way you approaching the framing cutting out elements instead of including them, anyway every feedback are always welcome.

How I feel? Today I felt brave and did the first session for my root canal, and as everybody who came in India, I woke up with some diarrhea, well I saw better day, but even worst.

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August 14, 2009 at 12:41 pm

Lost But Not Found Yet

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A lot of people think that India change the persons who visit it. How it could be the other way around? Especially in a city like Mumbai where the difference between rich and poor is so explicit. Where in the street beside the stock exchange there are homeless sleeping on a sidewalk under a shelter to prevent the monsoon’s rain. And, where are all the money this nation with an incredible growing are making? You will find me in the line with those who think that the GDP not even close represent the wealth of a nation. I know it’s only my western liberal background that makes me uncomfortable in front of such situations, and I’m trying not to judge but why all those poor people in the street don’t do nothing about it, but sims they totally had accept their condition? I asked to business men about the high difference between rich and poor and the answer was that all those people in the street don’t have a qualification to have a good job, that’s it. Cultural differences can be cruel sometimes.

But I don’t want to talk about the difference between rich and poor, the world really don’t need me to know how this things works here.I’m thinking more about infrastructures, and the way this city works. Sims so chaotic to me.

The traffic is something unbelievable, where almost none of the cub’s drivers respect a traffic light but in the end,as a spell, you reach your destination uninjured.

And the building, all the building where financial office are sims like they can fall in every moment, than you go inside and you find yourself in really luxury offices. All this things are mysteries for me.

Anyway, I really like this city, there is something amazing how it looks it go on as inertia that I can’t describe but fascinated me, and attract me to roaming his street as long as the light is good for shooting. 

The picture presented here are the result of this my first week in the so called Maximum City. Isn’t frightening they got something similar in the expression of the face as the people who works in the City of  London. I’m not even close to be satisfied, but I’m not even about the pictures of London, and at least I’m here just since a week.

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August 8, 2009 at 9:49 pm

The Story So Far

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Five and a half in the night, silently crying and screaming for the pain on one of my teeth on a corridor in an old Mumbai house. Why am I here? What am I looking for? That’s the only thing that come across my mind.

I moved from my little town in Italy to London last january to attend a Master in Photojournalism and Documentary Photography at the London College of Communication. On my mind was all ready clear my will to start a photographic work about the Economic Power and once there the City, financial district of the English Capital, become my favorite place to take street shot fascinated by all the person that works there. What interested me more was how working in such power full environment affected them personally.

The basic idea that lied on my mind for many times is that today the economic power has overcome the political one, and now, with the crisis in the financial world this idea sims pretty obvious as none of the nationals government around the world was able to stop or restore it in a proper way.

During the last two months the idea of really expanded to the wish to do my project about men and economic power in a global scale try to find all the common ground of the people that works in all the major financial district around the world.

So I’m in Mumbai now, and yeas I saw a dentist, my greatest fear, that told my I should do a root canal but i don’t know, probably is better if I do that when I go back to Italy at the end of september. Maybe my tooth problem came out as a nervous reaction that I’m not used at the chaos and poverty of the street of Mumbai.